The recent medical research gone in Krill Oil backs it’s resurgence. So, we beg the question: Has the way you intake Omega-3 Fatty Acids changed forever?

For those interested in a healthy lifestyle, Krill Oil has most likely sparked your interest over the last few months. Even if you aren’t a health conscious supplement user you have more than likely heard about Krill Oil as its ever increasing popularity is making it hard to go unnoticed.

Krill have been around for thousands of years, so why the big craze about it now? Well let’s have a look at some of the recent research that is leading scientists to believe Krill Oil is the most superior form of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.


Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil

Krill Oil and Fish Oil both provide Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, however Krill Oil provides a specific form of Omegas with slightly different benefits when compared to Fish Oil. To understand why Krill Oil has been deemed the “superior” form of Essential Fatty Acids we need to have a simple understanding of the contents in each specific product. While Krill Oil and Fish Oil both provide DHA and EPA the main difference between Krill and Fish Oil is that Krill Oil also contains Phospholipids and Astaxanthin.

The main Essential Fatty Acids found in Krill Oil are DHA and EPA, and they are structurally intertwined to phospholipids which drastically increase the rate of absorption in the human body. When Omega-3’s are consumed through Fish Oil, the Fatty Acids must first be broken down before they can be absorbed into cell membranes, however the EFA’s found in Krill are able to penetrate cell membranes without being broken down.

In addition to containing phospholipids, Krill Oil is also packed with a natural antioxidant known as Astaxanthin. Not only does Astaxanthin contain added benefits to the skin and heart, but the support it provides to the oil itself creates a stable environment, and helps to maintain the shelf life and stability of the product.


Which Should I Choose?

While our research has led us to believe that Fish Oil is a sufficient product for individuals looking to increase cardiovascular health, we have concluded that Krill Oil is the superior choice. If you are concerned with price then Fish Oil will provide tremendous benefits to your health, however if you are truly concerned with having the most superior product, Krill Oil offers unique advantages that you will not receive from Fish Oil and there is no risk in trying it. Have a look at Natrogix’s own all-natural 100% Antarctic Krill Oil.

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