Nearly 99.8% of adult males have researched ways to enhance male performance. Find out here how improve your health, well-being and overall physical and sexual performance.

Internet studies have shown that nearly 99.8% of adult males have researched ways to enhance performance. Whether it’s performance in the gym, performance in the bedroom, or just increasing energy levels and all around well-being, the chances are you will fall into that 99.8%. In fact you are reading this article today, so it looks like you already have!

The fact of the matter is that with age, sex drive and physical performance are going decrease due to declining hormone levels and wear and tear on joints and muscles. Obviously having a healthy diet is crucial to maintaining longevity, but an even more important factor is supplementation. If you aren’t taking the following all natural supplements you may have a huge area for improvement not only in the bedroom, but also in your physical and mental health!



If you’re feeling past your peak, odds are you’re probably not getting enough of this essential mineral. The body utilizes Zinc to metabolize nutrients which results in increased immune function, protein production, and cell division. Sounds good so far, but what does it all really mean? Here is where things get interesting:

Zinc also enables the male body to produce more testosterone, and because of this, it has the ability to not only cure erectile dysfunction, but also increase physical performance and boost energy levels, but it does not stop there! It also helps to ensure a healthy prostate, reducing levels of stress, and speeding up the healing of wounds.

If you haven’t tried supplementing with Zinc, you really might be missing out. This is our number one recommendation for increasing male performance and overall men’s health.



L-Arginine is an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide in your body when taken. In a recent study 31% of males taking L-Arginine reported a significant increase in sexual performance. While one third is not the best results, this supplement is designed more towards boosting physical performance including muscle strength, muscle recovery, and aiding in the growth of lean muscle mass; Let’s just say the potential for increased sexual performance is just an added bonus!

If staying active and physically fit is important to you, then L-Arginine should be a staple in your supplement routine. This amino acid is a top choice amongst athletes of all levels, but regardless of being an athlete or not, this supplement offers benefits to men from all walks of life, which leaves it as our number two recommendation for increasing male performance.


Tongkat Ali

Reduced sexual response, fatigue, increases in body fat and lack of energy are all symptoms of reduced testosterone production also known as andropause. Andropause can become a struggle for many men as they age because it can be quite frustrating when your body just doesn’t perform the way you want it to. Tongkat Ali or Malaysian Ginseng is a natural herb that has been primarily used is Asia to combat these symptoms.

Although not many human studies exist, in clinical trials conducted on animals, this herb has proven to stimulate libido, increase semen production, and even stimulate lean muscle growth.

If you are a middle aged man experiencing symptoms of andropause, Tongkat Ali is our number three recommendation for you!

If you feel you may benefit from any of the supplements listed above, consider having a look at Natrogix’s Male Enhancement Formula which actually contains all three of these ingredients.