Green Coffee Bean always stirs up a debate as a weight loss supplement. Read this to help you separate the facts from the fiction.

One weight loss supplement has been stirring up a lot of debates lately, and it’s none other than Green Coffee Bean. During the last few months the craze over this supplement has brought up the big question! Is this supplement a miracle weight loss drug, or just a fictitious fad?

We decided to have a closer look and we determined that it is neither a miracle drug nor a fad. So what is it? Our conclusion leads us to place it in the middle. While we would have to call fiction on it being a “miracle” it does offer some unique qualities. First let’s have a look at some of its positive features and who can benefit from taking it.


The Benefits

While we determined that Green Coffee Bean isn’t a miracle weight loss drug, it undeniably has some benefits that many individuals will have an interest in. First and foremost it is important to note that clinical studies have shown substantial health benefits from this ingredient including decreasing blood pressure and improving metabolic function. In one human study, doses of only 140mg to 720mg per day of Green Coffee Bean proved to have positive results on reducing high pressure.

As far as fat loss is concerned Green Coffee Bean does have the ability to alter the way the body processes carbohydrates and can be used to aid weight loss. Scientifically Green Coffee Bean reduces glucose absorption or the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into sugars which are then passed into our bloodstream.


The Downsides

While Green Coffee Bean sounds great so far, there are a few things to remain aware of. Green Coffee contains caffeine, and if you are caffeine or stimulant sensitive then this might not be a supplement for you. While rare, some users may experience small side effects mostly due to the caffeine contents like a mild headache or diarrhoea.


The Final Verdict

Due to its ability to lower blood pressure, increase arterial health, and improve glucose metabolism we would recommend Green Coffee Bean to individuals who are looking to improve cardiovascular health, and or lose weight. To sum up our opinion in just a few words: We think Green Coffee Bean is worth trying if you are curious about it. Take a look at our own Green Coffee Bean product.